Audi Amplifier repair

We can repair all Audi Amplifiers, most of these amps are destroyed due to a poor design on the water drains system on Audi’s.  Please note that you will have to fix the issue on your end to make sure the amplifier doesn’t get covered in water again. We will require the unit for 3-4 working days to carry out the repair and test the unit to make sure all is in good working order. Please note Audi use different companies to develop this amplifier system so symptoms of a broken amp can vary.

The unit will be plug and play which means no coding will be required. No need for expensive dealer tools to code the amp

Common faults:

  • Loss of channels
  • Loss of one or more specific speakers
  • Battery drain
  • Crackling sound coming from one or more speakers
  • Random component protect
  • No MMI screen
  • Draining battery
  • No sound at all

Removal of the unit:

The unit is located on the left hand side of the boot area and the trims will have to be removed to access the amp. The amplifier will have a frame attached please remove the frame when posting the unit will make postage easier and cheaper. Location could vary depending on specific model and year.

If you have any questions feel free to contact directly on 07946845828 or 0207 887 2321