BMW ECU Porgramming

BMW ECU programming and ECU replacement

We provide a second-hand ECU programming and coding for most BMW vehicles, if you have a vehicle which misfires or doesn’t crank at all then you’ve come to the right place.

As you maybe aware BMW ECU’s can break for a few reasons, water damage, wiring failure or injectors short circuit. Depending on the failure of you ECU depends on our route of action, if you ECU still has power but there is a persistent misfire then we maybe able to clone the ecu and key data onto another ECU. If its water damage, we would have to swap the ECU to another ECU which would have to have the same part number.

We can program second-hand ECU’s, generally the second-hand ECU would have to be the same part number for us to be able to re code to the car.

  • Services we provide
  • ECU swaps
  • ECU coding and programming
  • ECU swaps

All BMW ECU’s have immobilizer inside the ECU which means if we swap the ECU’s around the vehicle wouldn’t fire up unless the ECU is coded, we are able to code most BMW ECU’s.

If you’d like to get a quote please feel free to WhatsApp  on 079 468 45 828  Model, year and a picture of the ECU and I’ll be able to get you a price in how much that would cost to either repair or replace and code the ECU, it’s important for us to have a picture of the ECU label before we are able to give out quotes as prices are dependent in which ECU is installed on that specific vehicle which varies if the vehicle is an auto, cruise control and added features.

Once we code the ECU everything will work as normal, your original keys, the mileage will display whatever miles was on your vehicle previous to the failure.

Common ECU faults

  • Misfiring
  • Crank but not starting
  • Really rough idle
  • Limited rev range

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you operate a mobile service would you come to me and get the work carried out?  Yes
  • Are you located near me?  Yes, we are located within London
  • Do you carry programming and ECU coding on other vehicles?  No, we are BMW specialists and only work on BMW’s
  • Will my mileage and all sensitive key data remain the same?  Yes, as we clone the data everything will work as it did before