We are able to program BDC Fem units into any vehicles, it doesn’t matter if the current unit is faulty or has been stolen, we are able to program a second-hand unit into the vehicle & program the keys to make the vehicle work as it should.

There are many reasons why the unit could be faulty, water damage, incorrect coding & vehicle has lost part of the data.

Doesn’t matter the reason we are able to find a way to restore the data and make the vehicle work.

What is a BDC FEM unit

Previous generations BMW’s had 4 units to do the job of the new and improved FEM units. We used to have CAS, FRM, JBE & ZGW to do the job of the BDC.

It’s anti theft unit which stores the key data and generates a password between the Keys and the DME. It controls wipes, windows and lights operations.

What BMW’s have a BDC Fem unit

1 series F20, F21

2 series, F22, F23, F56, F47

3 series & 4 series F30, F32, F36, F82 & F83

X5 F15

X6 F16

Services we provide

We can code second hand unit’s into all vehicles

We can program keys, even if all keys are lost

Encoding a unit into the car

Changing VIN for when a vehicle has had a replacement unit.

Coding & updating to the latest software versions.

BMW lost & replacement keys

Have you lost the keys to your BMW or are simply after a replacement key? We are able to help.

Here’s a previous job we carried out for a customer, we match the ISN number between the FEM & DME to make the car fire up and work as it should.


My ECU has been stolen from my vehicle and my FEM unit has been stolen can you still help?

Yes, we’ve come across many cases where components have been stolen and cars purchased via CoPart.

Some attempt to make a key or reset the mileage on my FEM unit but now data has been lost are you able to help me?

Yes, we can still program a new recon unit into the vehicle and code keys alongside to make the car function correctly.