Have you lost the keys to your BMW or are simply after a replacement key? We are able to help. We can cut and program spare keys & can access the vehicle even if it’s locked with no current working keys.

We operate a mobile service and will come to you and get the work carried out on site.

We are able to program keys on all E series and F series BMW’s, currently we are not able to program keys into G series BMW’s.

Once the key is programmed the engine will start and the remote will work as it should.

We understand that losing the key to your vehicle can be a stressful situation and will do our upmost to make sure the experience is as stress free as possible.

Services we can provide

Keys locked in the car

Spare keys

Lost keys

Replacement car keys

Possible reasons why keys may stop working, sometimes once a key is dropped on the floor or water has been spilled on the key that can cause the key to stop functioning as it should. If that’s the case we are still able to program and code a key for the vehicle.

Any key related issues feel free to contact us and we’ll be able to help, we provide a mobile service throughout London, Surrey, Kent & Essex.


Will it be an original key?

Yes, even if it’s an aftermarket key it will look exactly the same as an original key

Are you located near me?

We are located in London and operate a mobile service in London & Surrey.

Can you make a key even if I lost all keys?

Yes, we can provide keys to all lost key situations