BMW NBT Entry Repair

NBT Entry

We repair and offer a replacement service for all types of I-drive systems, including NBT EVO. NBT Entry, CIC and even the older CCC’s. If your having an issue with your I-drive system we are able top help.

We’ve been getting more and more calls for the BMW entry system with faults for repair. The most common issue is that the unit powers up for minute and then reboots again and will do this cycle countless times. This issue is more common on the ‘top of the range’ NBT entry’s, so the units with navigation, DAB radio & Bluetooth but with the smaller screen and not the wider screen.

If you are experiencing issues with your unit, we are able to help, we can either repair your current unit and that can take up to one week. Or we can exchange the unit for a fully reconditioned working unit and carry out the coding required for the unit to work as original. We can get the work required done within 1 hour and you’ll drive off with it working.

Some companies will offer a software upgrade and claim that will sort the issue in our experience that only works in 10% of cases and takes a few hours before we know if the solution works or not so for that reason, we do not offer software updates for these units this is a like for like exchange or repair service.

Vehicles which have BMW NBT Entry system

The BMW Entry is on early F series BMW’s and is fitted

1 series F20, F21

2 series, F22, F23, F56, F47

3 series & 4 series F30, F32, F36, F82 & F83

If your having issues with your idrive system, give us call and we’d be happy to help.


Will my unit require coding?

Yes, all BMW I-drive units will require coding.

Are you located near me?

We are located in South London Mitcham.

If I want an exchange unit, will you provide the coding?

Yes, Our prices include removing the unit and coding the unit into the vehicle.

Do you profit retrofits

No, we do not work on retrofits, mostly repairing the units like for like.